Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Become the Trusted Advisor of your Clients

Human Resources act as a bridge to help their internal clients to achieve success and to meet business objectives through the development of HR programs.

Given the historical tendency to see the HR function as rigid and inflexible in the development and application of HR systems, the new challenge for HR is to establish effective relationships, build credibility and be the trusted advisors that businesses need.

Becoming a Business Partner means being the trusted advisor of its internal clients, the person with whom the business manager can discuss the issues of his organisation as well as planning the future of it.

Any manager can become more trustworthy, and more trusting. But becoming a Trusted Advisor doesn’t happen overnight. The position must be earned, and this takes time and investment of effort.

"Become a Business Partner”

The workshop for the HR Leaders and Professionals

This original Synchronicity programme has been designed to support the HR manager to develop a few core competencies for example:

• to have an holistic view of the business and understand the complexity of the organisation

• to became able to play different roles and to chose the most appropriate one according to the needs and the situation of own client (the expert, the advisor, the coach or the broker)

• to operate with a long term view while resolving contingent issues

• to build a wide internal/external network

• to cooperate while generating empowerment

• to influence and lead the change

• to work on the side of the client while developing trust-based relationships

To support your development as Business Partner Synchronicity offers you a wide choice of:

Tailor made workshops and seminars

Best Practices sharing

• An on-line 360° feedback process to receive feedback from your internal customers

Coaching interventions to increase your Impact as Business Partner