Thursday, September 19, 2019

Key Themes / Leader



Our experience matured over the last 20 years alongside of  International Leaders makes us believe that Leadership is a Journey that everybody undertakes in their own way whilst facing different “moments of truth” that help us to become the leader we want to be.

The role of a Leader is to foster an environment where the conditions are right to attract a thriving community. It is not to create a transactional involvement, as our leadership instinct too often leads us to do by single-handedly creating or controlling the elements. Rather, Leaders must shift their emphasis to the fostering of social engagement by valuing conversations that they otherwise might have deemed wasteful and inefficient.

Leadership is not a destination but a way of finding yourself through the events of life.

Leadership is one of the most debated and explored management topics.

To be worth following, Leaders need to work primarily on the contribution they make, rather than on the direction they give, to the community. This requires them to develop enough executive maturity (ie being comfortable in their own skin) to be able to see mass participation as an opportunity to create value rather than a threat to their existence.



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