Thursday, September 19, 2019

Key Themes / Leader / Leaders with Impact

Transformational Leadership is a non-hierarchical leadership that facilitates the collaboration of a group, of which the Leader is an integral part, to co-create transformations as result of needs perceived or indicated

An opportunity for your Leaders...

…to increase their Impact and co-create Value for your organization

Leaders with Impact is the Synchronicty response to increase your Leaders Impact

The programme is designed to allow your organization to prepare its Leaders to make the Transformations your organization needs through their teams and colleagues

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...aware of him/herself, of own capacity and potential
...takes good care of all resources he/she manages and develops the Leaders of the future
...leads courageously, challenging the “satus quo” without losing own balance when confronted with ambiguity in possession of a high degree of Personal Influence able to create and maintain influential relationship based on Trust a visionary of the business that allows the creation of synergies within and/or outside own organization/function transformations through powerful conversations rather than leading through orders

Be a Leader in the Matrix

Building Trust through Relationships

Be a Leader between Leaders

Managing Difficult Conversations

The Art of Influencing

Me as Leader

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Be the Coach of your Team

Creating your Team Value Proposition

Leading through Values