Thursday, September 19, 2019

Key Themes / Leader / Team Dynamic Diagnostics

Synchronicity distributes Imagics leading assessment tool TDD (Team Dynamic Diagnostic)

The TDD is a web-based survey (84 questions) recording the current internal and external integration of a team against behaviours frequently observed in high performance teams.

The TDD also collects perceptions from the team’s ecosystem (customers, sponsors, vendors) on the same grid to give them a voice. It offers time 1 and time 2 measurement backed up with a solid team improvement process

It  measures a team’s internal & external dynamics on a grid of

4 key dimensions (planets) which was tested with over 200 managers:

Performance (goal clarity, action orientation, success, customer drive)

People (trust, roles and rules, communication, conflict, care, decisions)

Processes (plans, methods, tools, knowledge, meetings, innovation)

Leadership ( reality, accountability, freedom, coaching, justice, role model)

Its report is rich and user friendly and:

Gives people permission to talk about real issues without blaming

Creates a common language and concepts to work the issues

Places accountability for development on the whole team

TDD has been used successfully with over 150 teams internationally

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