Monday, October 21, 2019

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The creation of this innovative internet platform was inspired by the necessity to assist our clients in the challenging mission of identifying which resources best contribute to the achievement of their business objectives.


In our professional experience, we have participated in too many meetings where “talents” were identified using very intangible or emotional criteria.

The TMS platform can assist organizations in the challenging task of mapping their talents, and is flexible enough to adapt according to the company’s evolution over time.




We strongly believe that such a critical process has to be anchored to the business strategy and must take into account the performance of those.



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TMS is a straight forward, easy-to-use platform that allows its users to receive the information needed in just a few “clicks” and with little time investment.

Its effective filtering system allows the Executives of an organization to have a very comprehensive view of the key resources and to map them based on a number of preferences  (e.g. position, job, location, career aspirations) that are defined during the customization process.

TMS represents a way for the management to get critical information such as their talents’ key career aspirations, their readiness to embrace higher challenges/risks, and their willingness to move within the company or out of it (e.g. availability for a secondment in a foreign country). This information, combined with the positioning on the TMS matrix, indicates which resources are available as potential successors to people in key positions.

TMS can also be used to suggest easily implemented development actions to increase the talents’ satisfaction and motivation to contribute to the success of the organization.


This original and innovative web platform allows an organization to:

Map its resources according to the Business Criticality and Performance Factors identified by the organization. Both dimensions are critical to identifying people’s contributions to the overall organizational strategy;

Identify actions that will both maximize the potential of it’s talent pool, as well as strengthen the abilities of those who hold a different position within the TMS matrix;

Create Succession Plans based on own criteria and preferences;

Design customized Development Plans that will allow the managers to focus on the development of their resources as well as implement activities that will contribute to the retention of key talents.