Monday, October 21, 2019

Key Themes / Trusted Advisor / Developing High Value Client Relationship

The Advisor as Coach

By engaging at a deep-structure level, the advisor can work as a coach, helping the client be aware of the need for change, generate energy for the change and enable them to bring about the changes they want and need. Central to the role of coach is the advisor’s ability to create shifts in the client’s thinking, feeling and behaving, the cumulative effect of which is to generate an accumulation of energy that makes strategic change for the client take place. By doing this, the advisor is co-creating the future, designing with the client the personalised products, services and activities that will ensure that the client flourishes over generations.

Becoming Trusted

A major element in the journey to becoming a trusted advisor is to move the banks ‘go to market’ offering from being just a set of generally applicable banking solutions to being a co-creator of the client’s success and fulfilment. Making this move demands a real understanding of the client’s personal and business aspirations. Understanding the client’s needs at the legacy level (long-term deeply-held motivations) is the key.

Building Business Intimacy

Trusted advisors must be able to initiate and sustain deep-level conversations that connect the underlying dynamics of the client’s business/commercial interests with the underlying dynamics of the client as a person/family. This enables the advisor to move into the realm of planning for future value. The challenge is to build relationships around the four strands of advisor/client engagement, commercial, professional, social and personal – wherever possible at the ‘fundamental needs’ level.


Individual coaching of relationship holders
Foundation Workshops on becoming Trusted Advisors
Workshops on facilitating complex and ambiguous business development meetings
Simulations that allow trusted advisors to rehearse difficult engagement meetings and presentations, building their skill and generating confidence
Helping design, develop and implement ‘Refuse to lose’ bids for new work
Working with banks to enable them to build a Client Facing Culture that ensures every touch point enhances client value and builds robust relationships.